North East & Yorkshire Youth Traveller Series

Coming to USC on 10 July 2021

Tim Brownell (Race Officer) and George Panter (Deputy Race Officer) will be organising the event at Ulley in July, for more details about the event at Ulley or any other events send George an email at

About The NE & Yorkshire Youth Traveller Series

The objective is to promote competitive racing events, friendship, quality sailing skills and personal growth.  The series offers opportunity to young sailors in the region in all classes to sail against their peers on a handicap basis.

Experiencing a variety of sailing venues is a key element in developing high quality sailing skills that will last a lifetime. 

The series is a supportive, inclusive opportunity for all to race, those at the front are often competing in their chosen class at national level; those at the back may be venturing onto the race course for the first time.

All are welcome and the series view is that the peer support offered by this series out on the water and on-shore is invaluable and represents and celebrates the essence of our sport.